Guest Interview with Stephanie Holmes: On Women and Girls on the Spectrum

While autism has always been recognized in males, it also has been recognized in females as well.   Currently, there is a 4:1 ratio of males vs females.  Here to talk about autistic women is my good friend Dr. Stephanie Holmes.

Stephanie C. Holmes, Ed.D, MA, BCCC is a professional counselor and certified autism specialist but her real credentials come from being the mother to an amazing Aspie young adult and self-advocate.
Stephanie’s career focus changed when her eldest daughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2004. She is a recent graduate with a Doctorate in Education with her dissertation study, “Creating an Inclusive Climate for Students on the Autism Spectrum.”
Her book Confessions of a Christian Counselor: How Infertility and Autism Grew my Faith was released fall of 2015. Stephanie counsels/consults/coaches  ASD- NT (NeuroDivergent) couples from all over the United States and internationally and can be contacted through She is the interim host for Converge Autism Radio with Springbrook Behavioral Health.
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Interview with Kayla Rodriguez: Autistic Women and Neurodiversity Edition on Tokenism

Tokenism often plays a key factor among the marginalized groups and autistics are no exception.   Here to talk to us about tokenism is Kayla Rodriguez who will also share this later in at the panel. 


Kayla Rodriguez is Puerto Rican and was diagnosed with Aspergers when she was a child but she prefers to identify as autistic. Kayla was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Kayla is originally from New York but has moved with her family to many states including Florida, Virginia, and Georgia. Kayla currently resides in Buford, Georgia. Kayla had difficulty in school and struggled to identify her passion for a career. After high school, she made connections with autistic self-advocates and realized advocacy was her calling. She joined Autistic Self-Advocacy Atlanta, an affiliate group of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network. She then learned advocacy in the Bobby Dodd Ambassador Program, the GaLEND (Georgia Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) program and the My Voice My Participation My Board program. Kayla is very talented in writing and speaking and she has spoken in several panels and she won the Golden Goal Goldie Award for Young Community Advocate.  She just finished her first-ever work experience, which was a paid internship at GCDD (Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities) and is currently figuring out her next step.

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My two Sense on Autism in the Media: Atypical

As autism continues to become more a part of life around us, the entertainment industry has picked up the trend and created slice-of-life type shows about characters on the spectrum.  A few years ago, Netflix brought the show Atypical to its streaming channel.  Tonight, I talk about the ups and downs of the show.   


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2. Ashley Dudley and late diagnosis while employed

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Stephanie’s interview with me on my and transition into college

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Regardless of the COVOD-19 pandemic, today is “World Autism Day,” which used to be referred to as “World Autism Awareness Day.”  Since the first time “Autism Awareness,” debuted, things have evolved as autistic self-advocates voices continue to be heard year-round.   However, I believe that it’s okay to have autism awareness and autism acceptance at the same time.


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